Focus Group & IT Planning


Brief Description: 

One to two members of the project team will be on site to conduct focus groups. The focus group sessions will be approximately 90 minutes in length and recorded for accuracy. Four separate focus groups will be created for selected constituencies – students, teachers, administrators and parents. Educational Collaborators will collaborate on the composition of the focus groups (typically 7-10 people per group). The groups will be assembled and scheduled in order to create minimal impact to the school schedule. Additional focus groups may be elected by the schools. If requested, these meetings may require additional days on-site.

While on site, the Collaborator will also conduct a 90-minute roundtable meeting with IT personnel and other school designated staff. During this time, the group will discuss Infrastructure, Device Selection and End User Support and overall Financial Strategy. Special attention will be paid the Virtual Desktop strategy being considered as part of this initiative. Immediately following the roundtable meeting, the collaborator will tour various school facilities as required, i.e., server rooms, networking closets, help desk areas, etc. to gain additional insights into the issues discussed during the roundtable. The Collaborator may have additional team members participate remotely if specific expertise or experience are needed for the meeting.

Number of Days: