Self Study


Brief Description: 

The EC project lead will work with the school to present the requirements of the self-study and assist the school in self-examination of their use of technology across Operational Computing, Academic Computing, Professional Development and Infrastructure. Engaging in a self-study lowers the overall cost of the project and results in greater sense of ownership. The school will be required to present the findings of their self-study in a written report. The format of this report will be provided to the school by the project lead and will be based upon the findings from Phase I. Upon completion of the self-study, the EC project team will review the study in preparation for the on-site visit.

The project lead will then work with a team of experts at Educational Collaborators to develop focus group questions which will be approved by the school or district. How focus groups will be created will also be determined in this phase. The goal of the focus groups is to inform the school or district what different constituents are thinking about present and future use of technology. Focus groups typically gather information to deepen our understanding of the self-study and help uncover areas that might not have been identified through the self-study.

Number of Hours: