Focus Group & On-site Audit


Brief Description: 

The EC project lead will be onsite for three days to meet with school leaders to learn more about the school or district’s instructional and operational goals for technology. Educational Collaborators will work with the client to develop the composition of the group meetings. The meetings will be assembled and scheduled by the school or district in order to create minimal impact to the school's schedule.

Also, while onsite, the EC project lead will review the client's infrastructure, i.e., (hardware, software, data), components, facilities, systems, applications, resources and administrative and operational platforms. Areas of review may include:

• Review of physical infrastructure
• Review of security systems
• Review of help desk work flow
• Review of support systems and staffing
• Review of Acceptable Use Policies
• Review of support efficiency

Operations Review
• Review of database user comfort level
• Review of database interactivity
• Review of data systems effectiveness
• Review of information work flow
• Recommendations for operational efficiency

Also, the project lead will meet technology and curriculum staff, observe classroom teachers and work with the school to identify existing bottlenecks to success as well as help to create new goals for an updated technology plan. Areas of review may include:

Academic Review
• Department level or grade level report
• Review of academic collaboration and professional development needs
• Review of professional review systems Report of tools utilized across the school
• Recommendations of new tools
• Recommendations for classroom practices

Number of Days: