Kickoff Workshop


Brief Description: 

Educational Collaborators will facilitate a one-day workshop at the school of one of the cohort members for a cohort of 8-15 administrators to vision and map goals for technology use in the school or district. As part of the workshops, administrators will also set personal goals for their own growth. If a district or region has multiple cohorts, the on-site workshop may include visits by special subject matter experts. Subject matter experts may include renowned guests such as Dr. Punya Mishra and Dr. Chris Dede. Other experts may also be available upon request. Special Subject Matter Expert Visits are optional and may include an additional cost.

Many of the topics discussed throughout the two year period will come from members of the cohort. However, the facilitator will also include the following topics for instruction and discussion:

  • Modeling professional and personal technology use
  • Use of TPACK in faculty professional growth plans
  • Communicating the value of your one-to-one program
  • School culture Assessing your building’s program
Number of Days: