Goals and Outcomes

Goals of the Proposed Engagement:

  1. Identify the current work flow of data in the existing organization, indicating bottlenecks as well as human, technological and data assets already in existence;
  2. Provide recommendations for the best possible programs that retain data sharing capabilities between departments;
  3. Develop consensus on the desired goals and outcomes of a data management project;
  4. Significantly increase the efficiency of internal resources throughout the data management process;
  5. Increase effectiveness of communications among key database users;
  6. Reduce the time of data management;
  7. A thorough review and analysis of the school or district's information management databases;
  8. A final report including:
    1. Recommendations for improved efficiency, training needs and workflow;
    2. Recommendations to better leverage current tools or a plan to connect a variety of existing tools or a plan to add new or replace existing tools.